One of Our Products Featured in a Movie or TV Show!

One of Our Products Featured in a Movie or TV Show!

One of Our Products Featured in a Movie or TV Show!

Just for jokes I thought I’d write a quick list of a couple of times one of our products (or similar) are featured in a movie or TV show. How many of these have you seen?

Sicario: Day of the Soldado

In a daring mission the military boys fly into Mexico to rescue the daughter of a Cartel boss. The same daughter that they themselves had originally kidnapped. Notice the Zig Zag Baja Hoodie that she’s wearing? Yep that’s ours!

Flight - “Do not touch the merch motherf****r!”

When Captain Whip Whitaker is a little too drunk to make it to his Federal Hearing his lawyers summon Harling and his magic powder to try and revive Whip and help save his career. Harling uses a very distinct Mexican backack to disguise the contents. Yes that's right! It's the Pinzon Escolar Rasta Backpack

Narcos: Mexico

In the second episode of the first season, Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo is travelling across Mexico with the pilot Armado Carillo Fuentes and his uncle Don Neto to visit the different Jefes. We're introduces to the Arellano Félix brothers from Tijuana. Notice that Ramón is sporting a grey Baja Hoodie very similar to our Original Collection. We don't quite have the colour he's wearing but I felt it was worth giving an honorary mention nonetheless. 

 Baja Hoodie | MADEINMEXI.CO

 So for now I'm out of ideas. I'll follow up when some more come to mind. 

Thanks for reading :)

 UPDATE 17th October

Well folks, I found another!

22 Jump Street

Staring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, this hilarious movie follows the two undercover police partners in their mission to uncover a ring of drugdealers dealing "WhyPhy", the work hard yes, play hard yes party drug that is supposedly responsible for the death of a college student. 

Channing becomes bros with Zook, played by Wyatt Russel, and ends up rooming with him. Check out this great shot of the two in their awesome Baja Hoodies!

Baja Hoodie - 22 Jump Street | MADEINMEXI.CO


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