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Baja Jumper in Teal

Let’s face it folks, this Baja Jumper is awesome! They’re cosy, comfortable and also super practical.

No doubt you’ve seen someone wearing one and thought to yourself ‘where can I get one?’ 

What a lot of people don’t know is that they originate in Mexico.

Historically speaking the indigenous communities used to wear clothes made from similar weaves and fabrics but the Baja Hoodie truly came into existence thanks to American surfers who headed south to Baja California in search of some legendary waves.

The enterprising locals began to offer Baja Hoodies as a souvenir and it wasn’t long before Baja Hoodies became a staple fashion item in southern California.

These days you’ll find them worn by hippies, surfers and trendsetters worldwide.

One thing is certain; wearing a Baja Hoodie will leave you feeling happier than that time you had your first kiss!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Masi Lenets
A Quality Product

This hoodie is incredible! I love how warm and cozy it feels. The craftsmanship is superb and the material is high quality. Don't think I'm going to need any other hoodies for a good while!

Mariko Ward
My favourite fabrics

I bought my second hoodie recently as I used my first one so much and it’s still going but I felt I wanted to buy another different colour one. I love my hoodies and my backpack from this company

Gary Marum
Excellent Service and excellent item

Excellent Service and excellent item

Justine Haines

I used own one of these in my younger days and misplaced when I seen these even though I’m nearly 45 I had to have one and my husband v warm for those chilling summer nites very comfortable and great value

Callum Hedgecock

Greatly oversized but it’s exactly what is says on the tin! Very comfy and warm!