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Jerga Hoodie in Charcoal Grey

Let’s face it folks, Jerga Hoodies are awesome! They’re cosy, comfortable and also super practical.

No doubt you’ve seen someone wearing one and thought to yourself ‘where can I get one?’ 

What a lot of people don’t know is that they originate in Mexico.

Historically speaking the indigenous communities used to wear clothes made from similar weaves and fabrics but the Jerga Hoodie truly came into existence thanks to American surfers who headed south to Baja California in search of some legendary waves.

The enterprising locals began to offer Jerga Hoodies as a souvenir and it wasn’t long before Baja Hoodies became a staple fashion item in southern California.

These days you’ll find them worn by hippies, surfers and trendsetters worldwide.

One thing is certain; wearing a Jerga Hoodie will leave you feeling happier than that time you had your first kiss!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Miguel Monday

Absolutely love my Jerga. Just got it and I'm very happy. It's nice quality.

Angel V
i love it

its so comfortable and looks amazing

Tracey Moord

I bought one for the hubby last Xmas and he hasn't stopped wearing it, so thought right, get home another one, as he loves them so much and again I was disappointed, they are nice, material, thick and wash up lovely. Thank you.

Sarah Nottingham
Perfect gift for boyfriend

This hoodie is beautifully made, and is very oversized. I ordered an XL for my partner who is 6’8, and even though he hasn’t tried it on (it’s a Christmas present) I know it will fit!

Mel Abueg
Very nice material

The hoodie was softer and more comfortable than I thought. Not stiff and cannot wait for colder weather to start using.