Baja Hoodie and Hippie Hoodies

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Don that hippie vibe with a Baja Hoodie

Welcome to our Baja Hoodie collection where you can find yourself a Baja Hoodie or Drug Rug. The term Baja Hoodie was coined in the 1970s when American surfers took interest in the garb worn by the locals in Baja California. Later people began to refer to them as a Drug Rug and I think you can guess why.

To the Mexicans these are known as Sudadera de Jerga or Baja Hoodie and there is evidence that similar clothing and blankets were worn by the Mayan and Aztec societies several hundred years ago. These days the Drug Rug and Baja Hoodie is synonymous with hippies, music festival-goers and trendsetters worldwide.

Each and every Drug Rug and Baja Hoodie is made by a skilled artisan in a small town in Tlaxcala, Mexico. The baja hoodie is unisex and look equally good on men and women.

What makes this Baja Hoodie the best?

Each Baja Hoodie is made from a beautiful woven fabric comprised from 100% reclaimed fibres. The fabric used to make the Baja Hoodie is drawn from recycled off cuts of fabric that would have been disposed of. We reclaim these fibres to make each Baja Hoodie a very eco-friendly product!

You can machine wash your Baja Hoodie  are machine for easy care and they're made to last. We stock sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Please use the size chart in the images to help you find the right size

The Baja Hoodie is made to be worn loose so they are a little oversized so if your in between sizes we recommended you choose a smaller Baja Hoodie. 

Are Baja Hoodie made like Tie Dye Hoodie?

We get this question a lot. The Baja Hoodie isn't really the same as a tie dye hoodie. The tie dye hoodie is made by dipping a manufactured hoodie in ink and using elastic bands to create the tie dye affect. The Baja Hoodie uses a much more eco-friendly approach to create a style that is similar to Tie Dye Hoodie but still has it's own unique character. We recommend the Baja Hoodie as a great alternative to Tie Dye Hoodie.