Burning Incense Sticks - 20 Joss Sticks

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  • These burning incense sticks are hand rolled by a very skilled artisan from Mexico City.
  • Our burning incense sticks can burn for up to 1 hour per stick.
  • Each pack contains 20 burning incense sticks.
  • Also known as Joss Sticks

A coal paste is hand applied to each burning incense stick which is then left to dry in the beautiful Mexican sun. Following this, the aroma is applied along with a dust made from cinnamon and rosemary petals. Our Joss Sticks are made in a completely by hand using only natural ingredients. 

Our thoughts

There are times when we feel a dense, heavy and charged climate in our homes. We even perceive strange movements, we lose things, we are in a bad mood, the weather becomes tense and we are not comfortable in our own skin. Before waking up, we give you an easy method to perform energy cleansing. Simply light a Joss Stick and take a breather. 

This floral-smelling burning incense sticks is ideal for when we have a negative emotions or for any situation where we feel stagnant. Our burning incense sticks offers a way to open up the pathways so that everything flows. Our Joss Sticks are sure to lift your mood so that you can feel energised and ready to take on whatever challenges you may face. 


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