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Help us support the indigenous communities in Mexico

Our entire range is made by skilled artisans in Mexico. All our products are ethically sourced and we work very closely with the artisans to ensure this project works for everyone.

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Excellent hoodie, never seen a Baja hoodie before, bought as a present for my wife who is extremely pleased with it. Will probably be buying another before to long. 

Mik tebee

This is just a beautiful bag. Colours are so vibrant. Bag is large enough for what I want and has additional pockets for bits and pieces. So pleased with this item...would recommend.

Eixton Shilo

Lovely quality and looks great on, the blue looks lovely and I’m thinking about getting the red one too

Carolyn Haywood
  • Mayan Incense Sticks

  • Cleanse the soul
  • Falsa Blanket

  • Soft and Snuggly
  • Pinzon Escolar

  • The Famous Mexican Backpack

Mayan Incense Sticks

Cleanse the soul See More

Falsa Blanket

Soft and Snuggly See more

Pinzon Escolar

The Famous Mexican Backpack See More

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What Makes MADEINMEXI.CO Special? is a tribute to quintessential Mexican sensibilities, blended perfectly with contemporary interpretation in design, material, and artisan craftsmanship. Our entire range is made by skilled artisans based in Mexico. All our products are ethically sourced and we work very closely with the artisans to ensure this project benefits everyone. Thanks to our access to these very skilled native craftsmen, is able to flaunt an endless collection of eclectic modern fiestas to the world. Mexico’s love story with textiles spans centuries, it’s timeless designs inspires everyone to the nonchalance, romance of the vibrant culture, and traditions continuing to this day. offers a unique mix of design and fabric at prices that won’t break the bank. Sometimes the old ways are the best, and there’s a darned good reason our Mexican products have a timeless feel and look – for they have stood the test of time. Come celebrate the treasures of fine individuality in every handcrafted piece Made in Mexico. 


We are observing social distancing and following the workplace safety guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO). We are still shipping as normal. All UK orders include free delivery. We are shipping to all EU countries is at a flat rate of £4.99.

Fall in love with our Artisanal Baja Hoodies for UK

Many people ask what are those Mexican Hooded Sweatshirt that every young university grad is wearing. Well, it’s the Mexican poncho or also known as Mexican Baja Hoodie.

These soft, classic Baja Hoodies are beautifully hand-crafted in a wide assortment of vibrant colours to suit festival fashion and every other taste. A Baja Hoodie is essentially a poncho blanket with sleeves, a hood and a kangaroo pocket in the front, yet they are as comfy as it gets. They’re just right for long evening walks on the beach as you watch the waves crash in, trudging through the woods on a crisp fall day, or simply enjoying an afternoon stroll around the neighbourhood. Either way, put these Baja Hoodies on, and you’re lookin’ good! We have many colours available in our unisex collection of soft, cozy Jerga Hoodies.

Explore our exclusive collection of Mexican backpacks making for light commuting

The bohemian style from the 1970s can be relived with these Baja Backpacks.  These are one of the best backpacks for travel, work, and cycling. Our collection features these ethnic bags in brown, beige, purple, and multicolour combinations.  The Original Mexican Backpack has front pocket with drawstring closure and additional button flap. These are loom woven, happens to be very durable and washable. We ship these original Pinzon Mexican backpacks across Europe. Mi Amigo! Your purchase directly supports the indigenous communities of Mexico.

Shop charming Mexican Rebozo scarves made in Mexico

Mexican women have woven rebozo scarves since colonial times, made with cotton and wool.  It can be worn in various ways, usually folded or wrapped around the head or upper body to shade from the sun, in winters to provide warmth and can be worn as an accessory to an outfit. Prominent women such as Frida Kahlo have been seen wearing these brilliant alternative fashion accessories. Rebozo scarves bring out femininity and grace in your appearance. This timeless accessory is made by skilled artisans in Monterrey, Mexico. We have a beautifully curated collection of designs here in rebozo scarves. 

Unique Mexican style BOLSA DE DAMA Handbags in UK

We have a wide range of ladies handbags made in Mexico. Adorned with vibrant colours and striking weave, these canvas lady-bags are strong and reliable, while also being lightweight. These artisanal bags are well known among the admirers of indigenous craftsmanship. Our Bolsa De Dama handbags comes in assorted vibrant colours and practical design, and are known for their perfect size and shape to hold all your things without making it a sea of confusion. Señorita ! Take one to your next festival outing and see why the Mexican handbag is a must-have for every day. 

Flaunt your style with exclusive satchels or Messenger Bags made in Mexico.

For days when you don’t know which bag works for your outfit, these Mexican satchels bags will come to your rescue. With their colorful identity, you can hardly go wrong. Our Satchels will captivates you with their minimalist silhouette and ample volume which can easily hold all of your documents or a laptop. These light foldaway, portfolio messenger bags, offer a distinctively unique weave. You  have the option of wearing it crossbody, over the shoulder, or in your hand. These Mexican messenger bags can be carried as you wish, to create your own style. It is undeniably the perfect companion from morning to evening, both at the workplace and on the weekend. Choose from our vintage style collection, where each one comes with its individual characteristic features.

Discover our collection of Mexican blankets in UK

Nothing can bring the spark of color in a room like a Mexican blanket, adding texture with its stunning patterns. Apart from supporting the indigenous craftsmanship of Mexico, you will also take home a piece of rich history with these cozy blankets. Perfect for outdoor concerts, a day at the beach or your evening strolls, imagine wrapping yourself up in one of our thick, colorful, cozy covers. From an instant makeover of your bed to enhancing your outdoor garden picnics, these will prove a worthy purchase. Nothing will keep you warmer on a chilly night more than a Mexican blanket. We present to you our traditional cotton throw, Falsa Blankets finished by skilled artisans of Mexico.

Premium Mayan Incense sticks available in United Kingdom

The fragrance emitted from these premium copal incense sticks create an environment of sanctity as it dispels unpleasant aromas. These Mexican fragrance sticks soothe your olfactory senses and alleviate mental health. These sticks are 100% natural, free from synthetic additives, and hand-rolled by the local Mexican women. We directly source the authentic mayan incense sticks, so you are assured of the quality when you shop with