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Rebozos are gorgeous woven pashmina scarfs that are worn often across Latin America. Mexico has the richest tradition in fabricating these beautiful Rebozo Scarfs and we have collected a range that really honour this. Our range focuses on the unique weave patterns that the Artisans use to make these flawless Mexican Rebozo Scarfs.

The Mexican Rebozo Scarf can be worn in several ways, much like a pashmina, and we find they offer both an elegant or informal look. Many of our customers like to wear their Mexican Rebozo Scarf not only at weddings and formal events but also to compliment a casual outfit.

Mexican folklore has long held that Rebozo Scarfs make the movement of a woman more graceful. We definitely agree.

The 100% Acrylic fabric of the Mexican Rebozo Scarf is lightweight and very soft to touch making it perfect for springs and summer outfits.

Our Mexican Rebozo Scarfs are large in size; 180cm x 80cm.

Due to the nature of the manufacturing process some of the colours in the Mexican Rebozo Scarfs may vary slightly.