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Our Story

Striking, vibrant and unmistakable

Founded in 2018, Made In Mexico honours the skilled hands that craft each piece, as well as the time and love put into every stitch, bead and weave.


So what makes Mexican artisanal products so special?

The quality craftsmanship, bold colours and value for money. In an age where we live in globalised societies, surrounded by mass produced products and a growing trend for disposable fashion, the need for sustainability and authenticity is ever greater. 

The indigenous communities of Mexico have spent generations perfecting their craft and we want the world to share in this experience!

With this in mind madeinmexi.co was born.

Vision Statement: Mexico is not just a holiday destination. It’s a collective of many indigenous communities with a history and culture that spans millennia.

Mission Statement: To spread awareness of the beautiful crafts and wares that the Mexican artisan communities produce.

With the positive input from our friends in Mexico, we are your local Mexican Artisan Market!


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