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Styling Tips for Baja Hoodies

September 23, 2023 3 min read

Styling Tips for Baja Hoodies

Baja hoodies have long been a wardrobe staple for laidback folk who are looking to prioritize comfort and warmth while still standing out from the crowd. You can spot their distinctive colors and patterns from a mile away, usually when you’re in an iconic surf town or at a music festival.

The hoodie's long history can actually be traced back to the 1960s or 1970s in Mexico, which is when lovers of surfing went down to Baja, California to get away from the West Coast's overcrowded beaches. This is where they spotted locals wearing the hoodies, which were originally designed to protect from harsh desert climates. When the design made its way back to the US, its popularity grew quickly, especially among the surfers, hippies, and skaters of Southern California.

The iconic, surf-to-street style of the Baja hoodie has inspired several brands, including laid-back luxury brand Baja East. The iconic stripes design is in a class of its own, though, and the original version has a timeless appeal. Even celebrities have been spotted donning the unique hoodie, further solidifying its status as a coastal fashion staple. But if you’re stumped on how to style this statement piece, here are a few tips from us.

Add flair with eyewear

Baja hoodies have a lot going on, seeing as they’re multicolor by default. Surfers love them because they're an easy post-wave coverup, but if you want to add an intellectual aesthetic to your look, then donning a pair of glasses is a great way to accessorize. If you've never owned a pair of glasses before, make sure to choose glasses that suit your face. There are seven common face shapes, and each one has corresponding eyewear styles that suit them best. For instance, the Scout Freddie frame is ideal for triangle-shaped faces since this pair is wide-bottomed, which helps minimize any width on the top of the face. Plus, their eccentric pattern is a great match for your Baja hoodie.

Create contrast

Perhaps you want to wear your Baja hoodie for purely stylish rather than functional reasons. If you’re wearing them to casual brunch with friends or to do some afternoon errands, you can elevate this easygoing piece with some structured linen shorts and ankle boots. Khaki- or neutral-colored pants also provide a nice contrast, giving off an overall modern look that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Another way to balance out a Baja hoodie is by playing with silhouettes. Since these hoodies tend to be loose, you can pair them with tighter-fitting jeans or pants.

Top things off

Want to lean into your Baja hoodie’s laidback, carefree aesthetic? Beanies have always been associated with youth, with many American colleges crowning their freshmen with a distinctive beanie as a form of tradition. If you’re wearing your hoodie in cooler weather, throw on a beanie made of temperature-regulating material to stay warm. The Y-3 ribbed knit beanie is made from merino wool, which means it can keep its shape while keeping moisture at bay. Go for a neutral or black colorway to let your hoodie stand out.

Finally, you don’t have to wear the hoodie on its own. Jazz it up with a leather or denim jacket on top, or add statement earrings to make the look pop even more. Just make sure your final look is balanced – not too sloppy and not too glamorized either. The key is to let your Baja hoodie be the star of the show – as it should be because any Baja hoodie has enough character to carry an entire outfit. We’re sure this versatile piece will be one of your go-tos for years to come. If you want your own Baja hoodie, check out our catalog of options and pick a style that you can truly make your own.

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