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Four popular Mexican handcrafts in 2023

January 28, 2023 2 min read

Four popular Mexican handcrafts in 2023

Mexican handcrafts are a beloved and integral part of the country's culture and heritage. From pottery to textiles, jewelry to wooden crafts, Mexican handcrafts reflect the rich history and diverse traditions of the country.

One of the most recognizable and popular Mexican handcrafts is pottery. Mexican pottery is known for its vibrant colors, intricate designs, and unique shapes. The most famous type of Mexican pottery is Talavera pottery, which is made in the city of Puebla and features a distinct blue and white color scheme. Talavera pottery is used to make a wide range of items, from traditional dishes and vases to more modern items such as wall decor and jewelry.

Talavera Pottery

Another popular Mexican handcraft is textiles. Mexican textiles are known for their bold colors and intricate patterns. The most famous type of Mexican textile is the serape, a brightly colored, woven blanket that is often used as a shawl or decorative throw. Mexican textiles also include traditional clothing items such as the huipil, a handwoven blouse worn by indigenous women in Mexico, and the rebozo as seen below, a traditional shawl worn by Mexican women.

Mexican Rebozo

Mexican handcrafted jewelry is also very popular, and it is known for its unique designs and bright colors. Silver jewelry is particularly popular and is made using traditional techniques passed down through generations. Many jewelry pieces are adorned with colorful stones and features intricate designs which are inspired by the nature, culture and mythology of Mexico.

In addition to pottery, textiles, and jewelry, Mexican handcrafts also include wooden crafts. These crafts are made from a variety of woods such as cedar, pine and mesquite and are often carved or painted with traditional designs. Wooden crafts include items such as decorative boxes, candles holders, and picture frames.

Mexican handcrafts are not only beautiful and unique, but they also play an important role in the country's economy. Many Mexican artisans and craftspeople rely on the sale of their handcrafted items to support themselves and their families.

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