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Black & White Baja Hoodie

The ultimate drug rug

Let's face it folks, hoodies are awesome! This black drug rug is cozy, comfortable and super practical.

No doubt you've seen someone wearing one and thought to yourself ‘where can I get one?' 

What a lot of people don't know is that they originate in Mexico.

Historically speaking the indigenous communities used to wear clothes made from similar weaves and fabrics but the Baja Hoodie truly came into existence thanks to American surfers who headed south to Baja California in search of some legendary waves.

The enterprising locals began to offer Baja Hoodies as a souvenir and it wasn't long before Baja Hoodies became a staple fashion item in southern California.

These days you'll find them worn by

  • hippies,

  • surfers and

  • trendsetters worldwide.

Can you wash a Baja Hoodie?

Our hoodies are environmentally friendly, made of beautiful weaved fabric. If you machine wash cold and air dry your Mexico Baja Hoodie it will last forever on those cool summer evenings. We stock a large selection of sizes, styles and colours for men, women and youth. Please follow the size charts in the image for the most accurate size.


Classic Mexican hoodies

One thing is certain; Classic Mexican Hoodies were made for free spirited explorers and will leave you feeling happier than the time you had your first kiss!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
George Dickens III
XL was too small, got the 2XL and my son loves it

Purchased this for my son who is now taller than me, but the XL was too small for him. (Probably my fault for just not believing how tall he is now) Then we were returning from vacation, passing through St. Augustine, FL. And happened to see the same Baja pullover/hoodie in a store there. Same color my son wanted and everything. I checked the label and was surprised to find it was also the Made in Mexico brand. I figured that with the Baja hoodies there's so many cheap knockoffs that it would be some random brand, but it was Made in Mexico which I think is important and relevant for this particular item (i.e. I normally try to buy only made in USA 🇺🇲 products). Anyway the store had the 2XL same color he wanted and everything, great. Now my daughter (who is sightly smaller) owns the original XL size we purchased online and she loves it also. They're good quality, and as mentioned I don't think the sizing issue is with the brand. They seem true to size. I think I just (mis) underestimated how large my children have grown. Now they're both sporting made in Mexico pullovers.

Maty Komorous

It’s awesome! Well made, never wanna take it off… :D

Barry Cherokoff
Excellent customer service

Having bought 2 hoodies previously, plus other items, I was very impressed with the way that an issue was dealt with, and resolved very quickly

Marta Eross

Black Baja Hoodie Drug Rug


Excellent products as always