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Why we love a Mexican blanket

August 27, 2022 4 min read

Mexican Blanket

Mexican blanket : get to know this incredible blanket and it's different uses.

Mexican blankets have been used for several decades for their durability and above all for the heat they provide. Today we are talking about what are baja blankets? and we invite you to know their different uses.


Table of Contents

1.- What are baja blankets ?

2.- Get to know the beautiful designs of the Baja blankets

3.- An artisan process

4.- A sustainable blanket

5.- Know its different uses


1.- What are baja blankets ?

Baja blankets are blankets that have a special connection with Mexican culture.These garments have been made from generation to generation, from animal wool in its first generations and later from cotton and polyester threads.


Artisans in the past were experts in making their own threads, and then creating fabrics on their looms. This knowledge has been taught from generation to generation, until incorporated into current technology.


Nowadays artisans are able to make these garments using threads from scratch, creating these beautiful patterns and, above all, achieving softness, quality and a beautiful finish in the Baja Blankets .


Baja blankets are an extremely durable blanket, there are thicker and warmer ones for cold times, and there are also thinner ones in case you want it that way. Its creation is excellent to have in your house next to your sofa or your bed for those cold afternoons.


2.- Get to know the beautiful designs of the Baja blankets

Baja blankets have a close relationship with Mexican colour and culture.Their designs are made from vertical, straight or intricate lines, keeping a close relationship with the culture of the original Mexican peoples.


It is thought that the origin of these designs is the center of the country, specifically Tlaxcala, a state that has a historical past that goes back to the Aztec people, and above all their enemy people: the Tlaxcaltecas.


These designs may come from the nearby Otomi or Matlazinca peoples, but what we do know is that their garish colors and intricate designs have an intrinsic relationship to Mexican tradition.


In the case of color, the most striking are those ochres, oranges, reds and pinks extracted by the famous grana cochinilla, a dye obtained naturally that gives strident colors useful for dyeing garments.


If you see the designs you will be able to notice the great color, the softness and above all the warmth that represents so much of the Mexican culture.

Blue Mexican Blanket

This beautiful blue mexican blanket can be found by clicking here.

3.- An artisan creation

The Baja Blankets are made with a high-quality processand their beautiful designs have an authentic relationship with the Mexican past. This past is reflected in its intricate and colorful designs, an aspect that is a frank representation of the Mexican tradition.


Their designs are made with great care, while maintaining the raw craftsmanship, making them timeless and remarkably resistant to the test of time. A Mexican blanket, in addition to protecting you from the cold, will help you maintain a relaxed and urban style.


The baja blankets have an intense connection with the history of Mexico, made in an artisanal way from threads produced by the industry. However, in the past this was not the case, artisans created their own yarn from animal wool or vegetable cotton , creating a combination and making highly durable and very warm fabrics.


After creating these threads, the artisans dyed them naturally with dyes extracted from plants or minerals, such as the classic Mexican pink colonized through the cochineal.


Although today the production is not so old school, they still keep that historical past, because the artisans make the fabrics from threads totally from scratch. Once the fabrics are obtained, they go through the dyeing process and later to the manufacturing process, carried out with modern sewing machines .


Whatever the process, more artisanal and traditional; or more technological and modern, the bajablankets continue to have great quality and provide softness, comfort and warmth for all circumstances.


4.- A sustainable blanket

One of the great advantages of these blankets is that they are extremely durable, due to their high quality manufacturing you will have a garment for several years. In this way you will enjoy the sustainability of these blankets.


In the same way, these textiles are made from recycled threads from other clothes, made from grinding fabric from shirts, pants and other garments, creating a recycled thread.


These materials will help the environment and will be of sufficient quality to create soft, highly wearable new fabric.


5.- Know its different uses

Currently the Baja blankets have several uses, from being used as yoga mat, to the classic use of a beach blanket.  You can use it as a picnic blanket, take them with you to your campsites or simply use them to snuggle up at home.


Its use on beaches was popularized by surfers and today you can find them in various parts of the country. You can also use them as a blanket for your yoga practices, or during your meditation periods, offering extra softness and comfort during these practices .


Its use has been popularized in outdoor concerts. Tourists use them on their night walks, being a garment to wear at any time. In addition, their designs in different colors have become an important advantage, since there is one for each type of person.


At Made in Mexico you have a wide variety of baja blankets available , high-quality blankets that will provide you with great durability and a beautiful design.

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