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What is a drug rug?

June 21, 2023 2 min read 1 Comment

What is a drug rug?

June 18, 2023

Let me tell you everything you want to know about Drug Rugs

In this article we will explain the common things that people want to know about Drug Rugs. We will explain the proper terms people use and why they are called Baja Hoodies, Sudadera de Jergas and Drug Rugs. We will also talk about what baja hoodies are made from and why we believe we have the best baja hoodie brand.

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What is the proper term for drug rug?

Baja hoodies are also know as drug rugs because you will likely see a stoner at a music festival wearing one. In all fairness to do give off that hippie hoodie vibe so calling them drug rugs is fairly apt. However, do not let that scare you away as they are worn by all sorts of people, ages, professions, races etc. We think they are rather cool!

Baja Hoodie| Drug Rug | Sudadera de Jerga | madeinemexi.co

What is the real name for baja hoodies?

The Mexican name for baja hoodies and drug rugs is sudadera de jerga and they can be found all over Mexico. Sudadera literally means hoodies in Spanish and jerga is the woven material that they are typically made from. The term baja hoodie originates from when entrepreneurial Mexicans from Baja California stared crafting the sudadera de jerga to sell them to the American surfers who were heading south to explore the magical coastline of Baja California and the consistent and secluded waves that this are of the Pacific offers. It was these surfers that brought their souvenirs back to The States and the term Baja Hoodie was coined.

What are hippie ponchos made from?

Our hippie ponchos, baja hoodies and drug rugs are made from 100% reclaimed fibres. Theses fibres are recycled from off cuts of fabric that would otherwise have been disposed of. It’s amazing that we can recycle these materials in order to create a brand-new product and that’s what makes our Baja Hoodies so special and unique.

Baja Hoodie| Drug Rug | Sudadera de Jerga | madeinemexi.co

What is the best Baja Hoodie brand?

Well, we would be remiss if we were not going to throw our name into the ring. We have spent many years traveling and exploring Mexico to find the best Baja Hoodies the country offers. Our hoodies are made in consistent sizing and colouring with an eco-friendly manufacturing process that uses recycled materials. Our hoodies are soft and snuggly and sure to last! We are therefore certain that madeinmexi.co makes the best baja hoodies.

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So what is a drug rug?

It is quite simple really. They are beautiful, colourful, hippie style hoodies that you can wear almost anywhere (except a wedding perhaps). They are also known as baja hoodies and sudadera de jerga. We will throw in some images so that you can get a pretty good idea of what we’re talking about. You can find our more about Baja Hoodies, Drug Rugs and Sudadera de Jerga and view our entire collection here.

Baja Hoodie| Drug Rug | Sudadera de Jerga | madeinemexi.co


Drug Rug Vs. Baja Hoodie - Terminology

Globally Drug Rug is a term used more frequently in Canada and the USA, whereas Baja Hoodie is more commonly used in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Drug Rug vs Baja Hoodie

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Lenna Schack
Lenna Schack

November 23, 2022

I have had this hoodie for years! So comfortable and still looks new. A must have for me, can wear it with so many things, multi colored is best!

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